If you have tried working with Magento 2-Ecommerceplatform then you will know that it is not easy to upload product images for your customers. Even if you have already built a good and SEO friendly site for your customers, it is difficult to cope up with the complexity of Magento 2 when it comes to uploading product images. This is because there are some differences between the older versions of Magento and the latest.

Although there are some solutions provided by the developers, these won’t be able to work properly on the older versions of Magento.

This is because the developers haven’t yet fully tested those older versions and there are many issues that are associated with it. One of the major issues is that Magento 2 can’t upload static images or those which have a long filename. The problem is not limited to just those that have long file names but also those which don’t have short one. The problem is more about the security aspects, as many people do use images which can be considered as malware. In order to resolve this problem, the developers have introduced two new extensions which are known as Joomla Extended File manager (JFE) and Joomla Script Manager (JSM).

These extensions work like a middleman between Magento and the files that it uses. They will upload all product images for your ecommerce website and this way you don’t have to get into the troubles of uploading images manually. Another thing that you can do to get help from Joomla is to hire a professional developer who can provide you with Magento 2 support. With the help of a developer you will be able to get the best extension for your ecommerce website so that you can easily upload product images in Magento and make your customers feel great about your website.