Emfluence Digital Marketing is the midwest's leading provider of digital marketing tools and services. Our customer helped marketers navigate the possibilities for branding and lead generation, and matched email tool to those needs with social schedulers and analytics. Having extensive experience with Software Platforms and products and full stack development, Expedux team built a robust and scalable platform by using Angular, PHP, Django and NodeJS.



AllianceUK is a leading provider of housekeeping products in UK with over 5,000 quality catering disposables, cleaning supplies and equipment that ship from their warehouse based in london to cover all cleaning applications. Expedux developed and deployed an e-commerce system within 60 days using a 2 people full stack development team with technologies such as Magento, LAMP, JQuery, Amazon AWS, Angular Google Feeds with Responsive UI

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Being a high fashion website that is accessible across Australia, excellent design, and seamless user experience was non-negotiable. Our customer was facing challenges like poor user experience, moderate design and difficulty in navigating the website. They needed Expedux help in re-engineering their website with full stack development as a core to their requirements. We recommended MVC UI framework (AngularJS) as it covered the UI and consumption of API and revamped the entire back end system using Python and NodeJS.

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Our customer has different data sources from competitors, customers, infrastructure, supply chain and operations. They wanted to get the valuable information from these sources to do better analytics which helps to take strategic decisions and save millions of dollars for their business operations. Expedux implemented full stack data solutions that facilitate the retail client with

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Built a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis for a large product manufacturer


For large set of data, the complexity of the unstructured data, components, parts and machine data requires big data integration. Our customer –a large product manufacturer wants to build a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis. Our full stack data science team implemented interactive data processing and analytics functions & allowed for new Methods and Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

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End-to-end data strategy for a large bank


The process of billions of the records in banking sector by using Ab initio is very difficult and to process the data it will take lot of time. Expedux built a cost effective solution and improved the data drive decision making by 30%

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Developed an Online Education Platform within 6 months using PHP Symfony and Angular JS


A market leader in Education industry transforming Parenting and Education for Kids by effectively using social network concepts.

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Developed a Cloud based Online Education Platform within 6 months using Python


US based market leader in Education products space

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