Magento 2 eCommerce platform is well known for being highly efficient. However, it is undeniable that there are also a lot of improvements that need to be made to the system in order to make it more efficient. In this article, Expedux can help you make your Magento site faster and snappier to utilize by suggesting 5 important secrets that no agency would ever tell you.


Speed up the development cycle

As previously stated that optimization plays a big part in determining how fast your application responds, so do not forget to optimize your development cycles. When you start with a project, you should first focus on laying out stages of development. As you proceed to each stage, things get more optimized and faster, and at the same time, your code becomes more readable, reusable and maintainable. This is especially applicable for larger scale sites which have different modules. As your development progresses, you should be able to find a way to make all these scripts load in as few steps as possible.

Utilize all optimization techniques

There are various ways to optimize your Magento site to make it faster to load. However, there are a lot of other elements as well that can help in reducing load times. For example, there are some techniques such as include file cache, multiple theme optimization, and theme template conversion optimization which can make your website appear brand new even if you have updated it many times. It is always good to test your websites and see the results that you get from each optimization technique. You may also want to read more about the latest trends on how to optimize your website for the fastest load time.

Utilize JAVA

Since the core architecture of Magento is based on JAVA principles, it is a must that you make use of this technology while developing your website. With the help of JAVA, you will be able to write scripts that can work as if they are written directly to the server. Using JAVA, you can implement better security measures, harden your application through debugging, optimize your features and functionality, and perform more efficient tasks without spending too much time on these activities. By the time you finish this section, you will notice a significant difference on the overall performance of your site.

Use Nginx

Using Nginx in Magento is one of the best options for Magento optimization. This is because Nginx is an open source project that is well supported and helps in performing fast online performance. Apart from its speed factor, Nginx is known for its flexibility and it is also known for its reliability. Therefore, if you want to
improve your site’s performance, you can try out using Nginx instead of other options like PHP.

Reduce page load time

When you optimize your websites, it is important that you also look into reducing page load time. This is because users do not want to wait for the entire content to load on their screens. They would like to see instant information. To achieve this, make sure that your Magento template is optimized so that every page can be viewed immediately. In addition to this, use faster images and JavaScript so that users get the quick information on your products.