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In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Chat bots, Digital Savvy organizations have realized that building multiple teams with front end design, development and testing with expertise in only one language or tool wouldn’t be enough anymore. A new generation of start-ups is emerging, pushing the limits of virtually all areas of software. From machine intelligence to predictive push computing to data analytics to wearable; it’s becoming virtually impossible for a siloed development and testing teams to plan for the future initiatives across the modern full stack.
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Our offering

A full stack web development team understands how to architect a great piece of software from the ground up, and the team can often do it cheaper and more efficiently than hiring multiple specialists’ team. Expedux understands that those software organizations are in the midst of a rapid shift to more complicated technologies that, as in days gone by, require experts at each tier. We have a well-versed full-stack team with a broad range of full stack development services including Python to MEAN Stack, Node.js, Angular.JS, ReactJS, Vue.js, jQuery and others.

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