Expedux Technologies is a technology solutions and framework driven software development firm serving as a trusted technology partner for our customers. We work with some of the world’s most innovative start-ups, independent software vendors, e-commerce vendors and digital marketing platform and services organizations by helping them achieve one goal – Faster Time to Market.  Expedux’s innovative 60 DAYS RAPID DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK & TEST AUTOMATION IN 15 MINUTES FRAMEWORK help organizations across all stages of software development lifecycle right from new product and platform conceptualization, development and testing and enable them to go to market faster and better. We have developed and tested 100+ products and platforms using these frameworks across technologies such as PHP, Python, Java and Selenium.


Expedux’s vision is to help software development organizations achieve one simple thing – Develop your software product/ platform within 60 days and achieve your forecasted profits 2x faster.


Open source software has changed technology paradigm and is imperative in producing next generation of high performance software products in Web, Mobile.

Rapid Development Framework

Expedux’s Rapid Development Framework can help you achieve faster time to market by developing your product within 60 days.