Pay per Hour Model

6 USD per Hour


6 USD per Hour

No strings attached

When offshore development services first began, in the late 90’s, the concept seemed to be almost
impossible to businessmen across the globe. However, in today’s global scenario, offshore development
is considered as the important ones especially for organizations to drive down operating costs. But in
2021, it is now seen as an investment to improve the quality of operations and accelerate speed to the
market with scalable and flexible services.


At Expedux, we believe in systematic and consistent pricing with flexibility and responsive to the variety
of unique needs is the utmost priority for any ecommerce agency. So Expedux has revolutionized the
Pay per Hour Model and introduced a sub-set of Pay per Hour Model which is 6 USD per Hour
Engagement. This is how it works.

Expedux will work with you for the first 2 months for 6 USD Per Hour per Resource per Month with NO MONTHLY/ HOUR COMMITMENTS FROM YOUR END. If you have only 30 hours of work for the first month, no problem and we will take it.

Once you are comfortable and understand the quality of our work at a lower cost, you can sign-up for a longer commitment for the regular pricing structure.

You can engage “n” number of monthly hours (say, 100). Then, every month, for 100 hours, our developers would work on your project.

6 USD Per Hour

Advantages of this model

Flexibility – You can buy exactly what you need, in just-as-much-as-needed quantities. You also
have an option to avail smaller hourly packages for minor development works.

Safety – No longer commitments required and no strings attached. Risk is minimized because
we operate on an hourly/ monthly model with lowest cost in the industry

Test drive – We are offering lowest possible cost for first 2 months where we get a chance to
showcase our services to you and our developers also get familiarized with your project. It is an investment from our end.


Our customers who leveraged this model