Javascript is one of the most popular languages among organizations nowadays. Angular and ReactJs are the highly popular frameworks but most of them are unable to decide which one would be good for their project. Let us have a quick understanding about the frameworks and compare their features.

NodeJS is an open-sourced runtime environment for JavaScript and it is based on Google’s V8 engine. V8 is well-known for its high speed and constantly advancing performance. It can run on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is widely used to run real-time server applications.

What is React / React JS/ React.js

React is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook. It was released in March 2013 React is even more widely used by JavaScript programmers, although it’s actually a library, not a framework.


What is Angular

AngularJS was developed by Google and was initially released in 2010. It is described as a “Superheroic JavaScript MVWFramework” on Angular’s webpage. In 2016 Angular team released AngularJS 2 which was a complete rewrite of AngularJS . In order to avoid confusions from the previous one, the angular team decided to drop JS from the original name and they called this new framework Angular.


Why React

React is used in both web and mobile development. Moreover, for mobile development, there is an additional framework – React Native. React can be used to build both single-page and multiple-page web applications.

Why Angular

Angular 5 is a framework that will be the ideal choice if you want an enterprise grade large scale feature-rich application. The app complexity should be medium to high level and the development team has experience with Java, C#, and previous versions of Angular.

Features of Angular

➝ Global community support is one of the factors, that can easily make Angular the best javascript framework.
➝ Developers and designers constantly collaborate and contribute to the community, increasing credibility and reliability of the framework.
➝ It is a full-fledged framework that can run in any browser or platform.
➝ Angular offers clean code development with higher performance
➝ Seamless Updates using Angular CLI

Features of React

Easy to use because of its simple Design
The HTML-like syntax for which allows templating and make less time worrying about the framework-specific code.
R robust framework for content-focused applications.
Facebook offers "codemod" feature to automate much of the process.
JSX is a JS syntax that promotes building of machine-readable code and provides ability to compound components in one compile-time verified file.
React is JS-centric that makes react far more simple, focused and consistent.

ReactJS Vs Angular – Comparative Study



Ease of use

Community support



Data Binding


React is a JavaScript library, not a framework

It is easier to grasp compared Angular. ReactJS is best suited for all types of applications.

It is still emerging.

Java Script + JSX

React’s performance is greatly improved with the introduction of the virtual DOM.

React should be augmented with Redux, which allows you to work with immutable data and makes data flow unidirectional. Unidirectional binding is predictable, which facilitates the debugging process.


Angular is a complete framework

Learning Angular is not easy for beginners. Thus, it requires lots of training. Angular is widely used for Enterprise Grade Applications

It has a viable and dependable community support system

JavaScript + HTML

Angular performs worse, especially in the case of complex and dynamic web apps.

Angular works with bidirectional data-binding and mutable data. While the advantages of mutable and immutable data are a matter of a heated discussion, it is definitely easier to work with bidirectional data-binding rather than with the unidirectional approach. At the same time, bidirectional data-binding negatively affects the performance since Angular automatically develops a watcher for each binding.

What is better - React or Angular 

There is no best framework or library and choosing a framework or library completely depends on your project level, requirements and your goals. If you want stability for your project with lesser learning curve you can go with react because it is fast and easier. It will be slightly frustrating if you are choosing Angular because after every 6 months you will experience major upgrades for Angular. Angular is a full blown framework to build a large scale project.