You can now provide the option for customers to pick up their purchases in person. With Magento store pickup, customers can select a nearby store to pick up their purchase. Use these extensions and simply enable the option in the checkout process.


Using a third-party app to automate your Magento store pickup and shipping is an excellent way to save time and money, and Mageworx is known for its excellent support and customer service. Mageworx spends a lot of time creating new apps and extensions that are designed to take advantage of the latest eCommerce technologies.
Shopify, for example, only allows you to create three variations per product. Mageworx’s Advanced Product Options feature allows you to create unlimited variants of a product!

This extension extends shipping methods by allowing customers to select a location to pick up their order. Stores can have different pickup locations, which helps customers find the store closest to them. Mageworx also includes a module called MSI, which streamlines management of product stock. Regardless of where a customer chooses to pick up their order, MageWorx makes it easy for them to get there.

Mageworx has the most responsive support team I’ve seen for an extension. They respond promptly and always strive to solve problems quickly. Mageworx is good for any store that offers pickup, but the only downside is that it doesn’t integrate with your default store. However, the team has promised to add this feature in the near future.
The best part about Mageworx is its support team

Mageworx’s Magento store pickup extension allows you to configure offline and online locations. Configuration for this module is divided into 7 sections. Map Settings lets you configure the default map scale and enables offline store locations. The offline locations can be defined with custom map marker images. To activate offline locations, enter your Google Maps API key and select a custom map marker image. This module also offers features like geocoding and location-based search.

While Mageworx Shipping Suite is the better choice for Magento pickup and shipping, Amasty’s Pickup and Delivery extension is also worth checking out. This extension combines the shipping tools of several popular extensions. Mageworx shipping plugin provides several features, including zone-based delivery, table-based rates, custom delivery options, delivery dates, and shipping rules. However, it’s not free.

Besides offering a number of shipping options, MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate for Magento 2 also provides import/export capabilities. This module allows you to add and remove products from your online store, as well as set up multiple shipping methods. With this module, you can even customize shipping options according to your business needs. The shipping module has a built-in support for multiple shipping methods, which makes it an indispensable tool for your Magento store.


The MageDelight Magento extension offers a host of features that will enhance your site and boost your sales. It allows you to integrate store pickup with Google Maps functionality to ensure a seamless customer experience. Additionally, the extension offers a new way to deliver your products that helps you lower cart abandonment rates
and boost your customer retention. One of its key features is built-in site search autocomplete functionality that allows site visitors to easily find relevant shop addresses by entering the first few letters of the address.

The MageDelight Store Pickup Magento extension allows customers to order online and pick up the orders at a nearby point of sale. This extension works in conjunction with Magento 2 In-store Pickup by Amsty, which is designed to drive more sales, reduce delivery costs, and help offline stores grow. It also adds a new method of free shipping to increase customer loyalty by promoting offline stores. With MageDelight Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension, customers can conveniently pick up their orders from the store nearest them, and can get discounts or rebates for the purchases that are made there.

The MageDelight Magento store pickup extension allows customers to select a store to pick up their orders, which greatly increases customer satisfaction. Customers can also schedule pickups by selecting the preferred time of pickup. The extension also displays a pop-up that displays the location of the store’s pickup locations. If the store isn’t open for pick-up, customers can contact the store owner or manager via a contact form. The extension also allows customers to pay for their orders online via multiple methods, including PayPal, credit card, and a store’s own account.

MageDelight Store Pickup Magento 2 is compatible with all versions of Magento. You can add as many offline stores as you need. The extension also includes support for Facebook comment boxes. Customers can post comments on store locations through their Facebook profile. Customers can even view reviews on products, and make recommendations about the stores in their local area. You can even specify products for each store location. This extension helps your customers find the stores closest to their homes.

When customers place an order on your website, they are given the option to select their preferred store for pick-up. This option helps customers reduce shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction. With the help of this extension, customers can select a store close to their home and pick up their orders. They can also set a pickup schedule by selecting the store closest to their location. The extension also displays detailed information about each store, ensuring that customers can pick up their items with the least hassle.


Online customers are increasingly restless, waiting for their ordered products to arrive. They cannot wait to pick up their purchases, because the entire delivery process involves shipping, packaging, and delivery. That means a cost. Magento store pickup is a solution to this problem. Store pickup is a convenient way to offer store pick-up for your customers, allowing them to pick up their items right from your site. Moreover, it gives you the option of offering different shipping options to your local customers.

MageComp Store Pickup is a powerful extension that allows your customers to pick up their orders in a physical store. It integrates with your Magento store and allows customers to pick up their purchases directly from you, easing your shipping process. You can configure multiple store pickup locations in the backend of the store, choosing from a list of pick-up locations. You can even set custom error messages, title, and error messages for each location.

MageComp is a trusted name in the Software industry and was founded in Gujarat in 2014. This company has been in business since 2014 and has a pan-India presence, catering to a massive consumer base in India. Its Magento store pickup extension offers a flexible and easy refund process to customers. MageComp has been providing Magento store pickup extensions since 2014.

It also provides a Store locator plugin that allows you to create multiple stores and display product availability on guided Google maps. You can customize the default maps settings and choose a Pickup Shipping Method. These are just a few of the many features of MageComp Magento store pickup. Your customers can use the extension to find stores in their area. With this extension, customers can find the closest store with ease. A simple Google search will give them the address of a store near them.

With MageComp Notification Bar Pro Extension, store merchants can create engaging promo bars and notifications. These bar extensions are customizable, allowing store owners to customize their notification bar content and modify its font and background color. They can even create multiple notification bars with their own custom titles, which helps customers easily spot which ones are relevant to their purchases. MageComp Magento store pickup extension ensures that your customers always get what they need.