Magento 2 store pickup is a feature that allows you to let your customers pick up their orders at a nearby store, on their own terms. When a customer selects this option, they are presented with a list of stores that can be used for pickup. They can also choose a date to pick up their items. In addition, they can view the hours and shipping address of the store.


The Mageplaza 2 store pickup extension offers a number of benefits to retailers, including the ability to reduce shipping costs and create a more convenient shopping experience for customers. The extension also features a number of unique features, including the ability to add a coupon code that customers can use at checkout.
The extension displays pickup locations on product pages, which is helpful for customers to find them and choose the method that is best for them. It also allows store admins to set shipping and handling fees. This extension also allows for a pop-up to appear whenever the shopper selects a pickup method. Additionally, this extension allows store owners to set up an extra shipping method at the checkout process. Customers can also schedule a pickup time at a store if they prefer.
The Mageplaza 2 store locator also offers store owners the option to enable or disable certain store locations. They can edit store information, including opening and closing times, and can also customize the color and style of the map. The store locator can be configured for any region, so that shoppers can see all stores in their area.
The Mageplaza 2 store pickup extension also has a variety of other features for the store owner. The extension makes it easier to manage orders, including adding/removing products, changing customer information, and more. This extension is particularly helpful for store owners who want to give their customers the best experience possible.
The Mageplaza 2 advanced reports extension improves the default reports for Magento and helps store administrators access advanced reports. These reports enable store administrators to keep track of statistics and compare progress with previous periods. This extension is compatible with many Mageplaza products and extensions. To use the extension, make sure your Magento backend is configured to enable advanced reports.


MageWorx for Magento 2 store pick-up enables customers to pick up their orders from a nearby store. The system displays all available stores on a map and allows customers to choose the closest location to pick up their orders. Customers can also choose different pickup locations for different items. The MageWorx for Magento 2 store-pickup extension also helps merchants improve SEO by optimizing store location pages.
MageWorx for Magento 2 shipping module allows store owners to apply shipping methods to any product. It is easy to add a shipping method to a product and set the lowest and highest price thresholds. Users can also set multiple flat-rate shipping methods, which means they can choose the lowest rate to fulfill orders. In addition, the shipping module provides notifications on shipments to let customers know about delivery times.
MageWorx for Magento 2 store pick-up extension features a responsive mobile interface and provides SEO-friendly URL details. It also enables store owners to configure their pickup order calendar and set up email templates. This lets them send email notifications to their customers when their orders are ready for pickup. They can also set up multiple stores and set a custom holiday schedule. This helps them process orders as quickly as possible.
MageWorx for Magento 2 store pick-up plugin is useful for store owners that sell in the national market. The extension supports Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and more. Additionally, it provides support for countries like Romania and Russia.
MageWorx for Magento 2 store pick-up extension provides advanced postal and zip code validation. Store owners can easily group postal code elements for better shipping optimization. This allows store owners to determine which products should be delivered to a particular location. The extension also allows store owners to specify a minimum order amount for each shipment.
MageWorx for Magento 2 store pick-up extension also supports payment methods such as PayPal and Direct Debit. It is PCI compliant and offers three-D secure payment features. Users can also login to their PayPal accounts with the extension. Customers can also place reviews and photos to review a product or service. With this functionality, store owners can create a stronger brand and experience for their customers.


TMageDelight Store Pickup is a Magento 2 extension that allows customers to purchase an item online and then pick it up offline. It works by adding a store link to product detail pages. It lets you add as many offline stores as you want, and it lets you specify the details of each one. Using this extension can increase your store’s foot traffic and sales.
When a customer clicks on a store link, they’re taken to a separate page with store details and a map showing the location of that store. This extension also allows users to specify meta data for the store listing, such as title, description, and keywords. They can also add a time slot for pickups.
MageDelight Store Pickup is an extension for Magento 2 that enables customers to pick up their orders from a nearby offline store. It integrates Google Maps and provides instant directions to the store. Customers can view store details and schedule pick-up dates and times, as well as leave reviews.It reduces shipping costs and increases store sales. MageDelight Store Pickup also allows users to specify products for each store location.