If you have tried to run a Magento store in the past, you must have experienced that problem of not being able to save product information. When you have tried to update a product, the page would not be updated automatically. This means that the customer would still have to enter in the required data afterwards. This problem has made it impossible for most online retailers to handle an increase in sales. If your customers are not satisfied with what you sell, you will definitely lose them.

This is the reason why it is important to save all the information of the products that you sell on your website. It could be in the form of product images or product descriptions, and all of these can be saved in the database. But if there is a problem with the administration area, then you will be seeing problems such as the inability to update the product information in the database.

The root cause of this problem is attributed to the outdated Admin panel of Magento 2. It uses outdated features and methods. And when you try to use the built-in admin area, you will be faced with a long loading process. This leads to errors that show up on the console while waiting for the system to catch up with the commands entered. All the other browsers have already seen this issue and you would not have needed to wait for a long time just to be able to see the product details on the front page of your store.

These extensions work like a middleman between Magento and the files that it uses. They will upload all product images for your ecommerce website and this way you don’t have to get into the troubles of uploading images manually. Another thing that you can do to get help from Joomla is to hire a professional developer who can provide you with Magento 2 support. With the help of a developer you will be able to get the best extension for your ecommerce website so that you can easily upload product images in Magento and make your customers feel great about your website.

Solution 1 – Product Specific Folder

In this scenario, you would need to create a product-specific folder in the root directory of your Magento store. This folder will contain product information such as product images, descriptions and so on. You could then create links from this folder to the relevant administration area so that you can update the product details anytime.

Solution 2 – Update the templates

If you have used Magento templates for your admin area, you could just update the template data instead of manually editing the values in the database. You would just need to update the data within the “appearance” or “theme” section. However, you should remember to restart your administration area after changing the values. This could restart the Magento processes which could lead to loss of data in your store.

Solution 3 – Create Product catalog

Another possible Magento error you might encounter is when a user tries to edit a product, but he/she gets an error saying that the selected product doesn’t exist. There are various reasons for this kind of error. The first one could be that the user has the wrong information about the product. Or perhaps he/she clicked on an error while trying to update the selected product. If you think this is the problem for your products, you just have to delete the selected products in your store and then re-add it. But, if you have hundreds of products, it is recommended that you create a ‘product catalog’ so that users can browse through it for locating products they want.