Magento stores offer a very user-friendly way to add products to your online retail store. You can add products from a database, manage your customer’s information,
and create sales reports. When it comes to developing a Mobile App for a Magento Store, things can become very complex and confusing. There are two ways to convert
Magento 2 sites to PWA, that are related to different costs

1.Uploading files and codes manually

2. Hiring a professional.

Uploading files and codes manually

If you don’t want to spend money on hiring someone to build and maintain the code for your Magento 2 and PWA themes, you can create them yourself. This is much more work, but it is also less expensive. You have to know PHP, CSS, and HTML, but there are pre-made progressive web app templates for Magento 2 and several for other open source projects. When using these templates, you should ensure that they are modified appropriately for the type of content that you intend to display on the Web. It is important that you create a layout that matches the content.

Hiring a professional

For ecommerce websites, Native Apps (like Magento 2 Native) are preferred over the other options, mainly because they allow full control over the visual parts of your website. You can add, remove, and edit any object in your interface with ease. You don’t have to write any code, and if you are not a software engineer, you can hire a professional to customize the Native apps. However, these professional services can become quite expensive and the choice of building your own Magento 2 Native or using one of the readymade Progressive Web Apps can be an alternative solution.

Another issue that most developers face when they are using Magento 2 and PWA is the compatibility with third-party components. This is another reason why most developers prefer to build their own native apps. They will provide you with the right theme and the right way of adding different functionalities to your website.

Magento Studio Project

Magento Studio is a popular open source project that provides you with all the functionality you require for building ecommerce sites. With the help of Magento 2 and PWA you will be able to manage a large number of customer databases. This is very useful for businesses who have started growing quickly and need to handle a large number of customer transactions. With the help of Magento Studio you will also be able to build customized shopping carts that can be further modified and extended with additional modules.

Advantages of using Magento 2 and PWA

The advantages of using Magento 2 and PWA include: flexibility to use different extensions, quick creation of dynamic store-fronts, and more efficient processing of orders. The disadvantages of using Magento 2 and PWA include: complex installation process, slow loading of pages, inability to add interactive features, slow page
downloads. In general, it is always advisable to build your own ecommerce solution rather than using Magento 2 and PWA. If you build your own Magento 2 and PWA store, it is sure that you will get maximum advantage from both the platforms.