Magento 2 and Virtuemart have been used by a number of eCommerce businesses and even small scale enterprises. So, how do we differentiate between these two powerful eCommerce management systems? In this article, you will get to know the main advantages that one can have from the other.

Market share

Both these systems are very popular among their competitors. Magento 2 has a much higher market share than its competitor, which means that it has a larger customer base. In addition to this, Magento Enterprise gives its users the best add on features and functionalities that help them improve their businesses with ease. On the
other hand, Virtuemart has been lagging behind from time to time with their systems but there are also several other factors that were preventing the developers from progressing.

Different Products

Both the systems allow its users to display different products. However, the way in which one displays the products varies greatly. For instance, both systems have an existing platform that is used for managing customer accounts, but the way in which products are displayed is quite different. One has a flat style where the products are all arranged on a single page whereas in Virtuemart, you can organize your products in a grid format which gives them a more professional look.

Ease of Installation and Usage

Both these systems are very easy to use since they come with an easy to install modules. The installation process is very easy and hassle free. However, the ease of use for Magento 2 is much greater than that of Virtuemart. In fact, many developers have said that they found the process of installation much easier with Magento than with Virtuemart. This difference in ease of use has been cited as one of the reasons why more people prefer to use Magento than any other Ecommerce platform available on the market today.

Extensive Documentation and Useful Extensions

Both the systems come with extensive documentation and a number of useful extensions. However, there are some differences in the amount of support that is given to the different extensions. Some Magento themes do not require the use of certain extensions and this may mean that the users will have to look for additional extensions if they want to customize their websites. On the other hand, Virtuemart uses various extensions and many of these extensions are not supported by Magento itself. Since both systems have a wide range of extensions, it is always possible for Magento themes to be customized and to add extra features.

Extensive User Interface and Payment Features

Both the systems allow the users to create websites that are highly interactive. A lot of the customers prefer to buy products online and this is where the interaction with the customers and the features provided by the platform come into play. Magento allows the users to create their own store, which can be further modified using the various shopping carts available. There are also various payment options that the users can use while shopping on the website. The payment options include payment via credit card, e-checks and through PayPal or Google checkout.

Flexibility of the Ecommerce System

Both the systems are robust and secure. However, this does not mean that the users can easily use the system. There are various restrictions and limitations imposed on the users by the system itself. There is always a need to comply with these rules to make the process faster and smoother. There is always a need for you to know more about the features provided by the Magento system. You should opt for Magento site builders from a reliable online source to understand the advantages of the various Magento themes and the limitations present in the system.