Magento 2 has upgraded the all-important feature i.e – Magento 2 In-store Pickup. With Magento 2 In-store Pickup customers can order online, pick up products in a
store and then either pay for the purchase or leave a shopping cart safely at the checkout. This means no more extra fees such as membership fees or shipping costs. Therefore customers get the best of both worlds i.e. saving on overhead and getting better customer service. As a consequence they also increase overall sales revenue and improve brand reputation among customers.

There are many advantages associated with using Magento 2-store pickup option. First of all the customers have a single point of entry to complete transactions. Secondly customers don’t need to go through the hassle of finding and purchasing different payment methods as the system handles everything for them. Thirdly customers don’t need to physically search for different items as everything is kept in a single database thus eliminating lost and confused items.

Apart from this, another advantage associated with this type of shopping experience is the customization experience. With the Magento 2 store pickup extension allows you to change different variables as per your requirements. The first variable that can be changed is the shipping method. You can choose to use either UPS FedEx or DHL for the shipping of your purchased goods.

Moreover, you also have the option of choosing which day you want your customers to receive their purchase. For example, if you start your business day and end your business night then the shipped product would be delivered on the same day you set the pickup date. Similarly you can also set the same day or overnight shipping option
for customers. As far as the product details are concerned, customers have the option to change any field as per their convenience.

The Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension work with any of the following modules – Courier for text messages, Zencart for emails and IMAP for Yahoo mail accounts. With the help of these extensions you can easily integrate this software to your website. However, the installation process might be a little tough if you don’t
know PHP-Foo codes. To ease things here is the Magento 2 in store extension installation video. In this video you will also find out how to use all the features of this extension.

Another thing to note is that this extension is helpful for both customers and retailers. Retailers can get complete details of the products as well as their prices by viewing the inventory and checkout pages. Similarly, customers can view the store pages along with their product information. This is made possible with the use of Magento 2 store locator. This extension also allows users to edit or modify their store pages accordingly.

For online retailers this extension provides several other advantages as well. Since it includes various different modules like cart setup, back end administration, payment gateway, discounts, and more, it can be useful for multiple purposes. If you want to add new locations in your store then you can easily manage them with the help of this extension. Moreover, you can also track the performance of your online store with the help of this extension. There are various debugging tools provided with Magento 2 store locator, which allows you to optimize the performance of your online store.

The other option that you can consider here is the option to use a different store name for each store. You can opt for this option when you have plenty of products listed in your store. However, this might increase your bandwidth and thus affects your server performance. In case you need to use this option, then you can use the default or
custom store name, which will work fine for most of the websites.