When you think about eCommerce, Magento is one of the first things that come to mind. With its user friendly design and full-scale commerce capabilities, it has become the choice of most online retailers. But why choose Magento or migrate Magento to Magento? Here are some reasons:

The primary reason why many web entrepreneurs prefer to migrate to Magento is because it offers features and functionality that cannot be found in other eCommerce systems. Be a highly professional open source based eCommerce solution, Magento quickly becomes your leading choice today. It’s extremely versatile for webmasters to manage all the graphical, functional and content aspects of their online store.

Unlike other system like WordPress, Magento has inbuilt administration area that allows webmasters to customize and manage the look and feel of their website. Another major advantage is that Magento has in built admin function to help in database migration from an older system to Magento. One example is when a customer registers with an earlier email address, the records might get modified in older platform leaving some data in the wrong place. With Magento, this can easily be resolved by migrating the data first and then updating the admin area accordingly.

ECommerce platform with a huge catalog of pre-designed products and a wide array of themes is another reason why most online store owners prefer to migrate to Magento. Migrating from PSD to Magento requires a good developer who has experience in designing Magento themes. It will be very helpful if you are able to find an experienced Magento developer who can help you migrate the existing PSD to Magento website. This would free up lots of your time and money in the process, making the whole Magento migration process an easier process.

There are various benefits of using PSD to Magento conversion. One major benefit is that the code maintained is kept clean and the generated output is also high quality. In most cases, PSD to Magento conversion service provider reuses the same codes and thus the generated output looks exactly same as what you have seen in PSD format. There is absolutely no difference between PSD to Magento conversion service and the end product.

The Magento developers maintain backwards compatibility. This ensures that users can continue to enjoy the use of the product for a long period of time. The full migration services also ensure that the customer can get the desired results from the shopping cart. The demo migration service also provides the customers with access to
the login page and other options which are not available in the full migration process. You can also modify the layout, colours, fonts and images of the website with the help of the custom fields editor. The customer can choose from different standard colours and can even add their own images.

The new migration process creates a number of problems like cross-reference errors, broken links and other issues. However, with Magento template conversion it becomes much easier to solve these issues. This helps the developers to work more effectively and the end product is far more reliable. With the help of the inbuilt editors, one can easily edit the metadata and title of the page. Also, they can easily change the theme colors and font styles of the website to match the color scheme of the Magento theme.

The best way to migrate Virtuemart to Magento is to perform the entire process with two versions. One can start with the source code migration and can divide the changes into several small pieces. Then, the developer can convert the HTML codes to CSS and finally change the style sheets. This increases the flexibility and speed up the
process. In the end, one will be able to view the website as if it was developed using the previous version.