Organizations are implementing the full stack development technology so that they’re faster and better. Reusable libraries, web servers, database system and end frameworks and open source web programs have surfaced as a way to alleviate the job of the developer. A full-stack development is a concept where the developer can work with the frontend, backend, database, and system software development and their respective tools. With the advent of new technologies and new business models, the full stack development landscape changes continuously. Let’s have a look at the top 3 technologies in full-stack development.


Full-stack development gained traction mainly due to the popularity of JavaScript technology. The JavaScript has become a trend for the full-stack development nowadays due to the popularity, efficiency, features of Node JS, Angular JS, React JS, Express JS, and other popular frameworks and libraries. Full stack development trends are highly influenced by JavaScript technologies and frameworks. Full-stack development is gaining significant popularity in mobile app development as well.


Node.js is a server side JavaScript implementation environment. It’s fast in code implementation, runs on several platforms and will be a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It will help in building extremely scalable real time applications and simultaneous applications rapidly. It may use JavaScript as both leading end and back end languages.

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack doesn’t need software of its own, all of it needs its own browser for executing a webpage or an application. It is a tech built with the makeup of mediums. Mango DB saves information in JSON format making it easier to pass information between server and client. Express JS is supports MVC Architecture with a bit of work and framework used to build web applications. The Ruby framework inspires express and script frame is developed by Google. It’s a comprehensive solution for rapid and wonderful front end growth.
MEAN Stack provides a modern and efficient approach to web development. It’s good investment for rapid creation, strong and scalable applications. It’s catching up with the other technology stocks in all the market and has already made its mark in all the growth community. A lot of businesses like PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix utilize MEAN stack for their development.

Final takeaway

The software development trends change continuously so do the trends of full-stack web development. Developing a professional, progressive, adaptive development strategy will help maintain pace with the changing trends.