Adding store pickup to your Magento 2 store can be a great way to improve the shopping experience and allow your customers to choose a pickup time and date themselves. This feature also lets you show your store on a map, and allow your customers to submit multiple pickup locations using a csv file.

Allows customers to set the exact shipping date and time by themselves 

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Allows multiple pickup location submission using csv upload

Adding a feature to your store’s checkout page that lets customers choose one or more pickup locations is an excellent way to boost your sales. You can add a few different features to your pickup location, such as working hours, address details, and even a Google map.
The front page creates a form that uploads a CSV file. This is a fast and easy way to add the best pickup location option to your cart. The CSV file can contain all the necessary information to complete the order. After the order is confirmed, the system will email the owner of the pickup location to let them know when they can pick it up.
The extension also supports grouped products, and supports the configuration of a store’s products. The extension supports multiple stores and multiple locations, and offers features such as AJAX updating of stores and products. The extension also supports a few different shipping methods. The Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension has the capability to allow merchants to set the holiday status, configure store vacation modes, and add a full list of holidays.
The Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension also boasts the ability to display a map of nearby stores on the cart page. This feature is especially useful for customers who may not know their city or state.

The Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension is also a good option for merchants looking to boost
their sales by providing a convenient way for customers to choose an alternative pickup
location. The module’s other features include an image gallery, full shop information, and the
ability to allow customers to specify their payment methods. The module also supports the
ability to allow comments in the checkout process. The module is also compatible with
Commerce (Enterprise) and Shipping Suite.

The Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension is a great option for merchants looking to improve the customer experience and reduce shipping costs. The extension also helps improve the speed at which your store loads. Its numerous features help you reduce shipping costs, improve customer service, and make the checkout process a breeze.

Improves the shopping experience
Adding a store pickup feature to your Magento 2 website can improve the shopping
experience for customers. It makes the shopping process easier and helps them save time
and money.

The extension allows customers to choose a pickup location from a list of nearby stores. They can select the location using a map or a radio button. The location will be saved against the order and will be displayed in the frontend customer order details section. The customer can then choose a pickup date and time.
The Store Pickup extension also includes features such as the ability to add new stores, manage and add store details, store reviews, contact information, and operating hours. These features increase customer engagement and boost sales.
Customers can search stores using Google Maps. They can then select the store they prefer. They can also browse stores by state, distance, and open hours. These features help customers to get the information they need to make an informed purchase. They can also get directions to their chosen store.
The extension provides customers with detailed instructions and a one-time verification code. They can choose to pick up their order curbside or in-store. Customers are also notified when their order is ready for pickup. They will also see the payment methods they can use.
The BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) service is a new retail strategy. The service allows customers to buy online, and pick up their order from the nearest store. It avoids customers having to wait in a store for hours or being charged extra for shipping. It also reduces the overall cost of the purchase.
Customers can find all available stores by using Google Maps. This feature also allows customers to find stores in their neighborhood. It can also show them store reviews and directions to the store.
The extension can be enabled by an admin. Once it is set up, customers can search for stores using the store locator page. They can choose the store they prefer and pick up their order. This service is free.

Showcases multiple stores on the map
Using the Store pickup Magento 2 extension, you can show multiple stores on a map. This
will allow customers to choose the most convenient store for them to pick up their order. It
will also help increase customer engagement and increase sales.

The extension lets customers search for stores by zip code, city or state. It also allows you to add new stores. The extension is compatible with both Magento Commerce and Commerce Cloud.
The extension lets you add store details such as contact information, address, opening and closing hours and more. You can also add holidays. You can also add custom static blocks to show the store details. You can also add a link URL to display the store information on any CMS page. You can also add a marker icon to change the default marker on the map.
The extension sorts stores by distance from the customer’s location. You can also place pickup location options on the cart or checkout page. The customer will receive a separate order confirmation email when placing an order that includes a pickup option. The pickup location will also be saved against the order. This will also be displayed in the customer order details section.
Store pickup Magento 2 extension also provides an extra shipping method. The user can choose to ship the order to the store or ship it to the customer’s address. This will reduce risks during shipping and provide customers with a better shopping experience. The extension also helps with maximizing loading speed. It has been developed using a more precise API. The extension also supports configurable products and grouped products.
The extension allows the store owner to automate multiple store mapping. It also allows the admin to add new retailers and edit store information. It allows for changes to be made quickly and easily. The module also uses AJAX to update the available stores.
The extension also shows a detailed map of the pickup location on Google Maps. Customers can use the map to zoom in on a store location. It also shows detailed directions to the chosen shop.