Expedux helps product firms and platform focussed organizations by driving continuous innovation to stay ahead of competition, offering cutting-edge technology, reducing time-to-market and providing software that aligns with the constantly changing needs of customers. We offer end-to-end software development and testing services to build quality software with robust, scalable and extensible architecture by leveraging the benefits of open source tools and technologies. Expedux transformed 100+ products and platforms with our open source driven development and test automation technologies such as PHP, Python, Java and Selenium.  We enable independent software vendors and ecommerce organizations by creating better software development practices, adopting enhanced testing practices, and defining a common set of performance strategiesthat an organization needs to address.


Technology world that is dominated by proprietary software giants has seen a huge shift towards Open Source technologies for the scalability, adaptability and affordability.


Open source software has changed technology paradigm and is imperative in producing next generation of high performance software products in Web, Mobile.


Software Development & Testing preferably should always be a strategic partnership, not a simple one time engagement. When implemented correctly, strategic.