Magento 2 Inventory Management is a module by itself. In this module you can get all sorts of information about the product, quantity and location and you can utilize them for decision making. In this module, you can have the best of all possible information like pricing of the product, shipping, tax etc. You will get all this information at a single glance and it will not even take a single second for your employee to share this information with you.

In Magento 2, everything that concerns stock status is very easy. There is an inbuilt extension called User Inventory, which is used by every single administrator of a store. If you want to know about product stock status, just open the user inventory window
and you will get all the details of every product. You will also get a complete list of products and quantities available. As on the other hand, if you want to know about the latest sales data, then you can use Search Engine for Magento 2 Inventory. This extension helps you in searching the recent sales statistics of every product.

This extension also provides a facility to manage warehouses and stores. The management of warehouses and stores is very easy in Magento 2, so you do not have to hire a separate staff for this purpose. There is no need to install any additional software for this purpose.

With the help of this extension, you can manage multiple warehouses with ease. There are various different modules present in this extension. One of the most important modules is Warehouse Manager. This extension helps you to manage stock right in multiple warehouses.

You can set the low stock threshold for different warehouses. If you follow these tips, then you will not have to face any sort of problem regarding low stocks. When you want to create multiple warehouses in Magento 2, then there is an option of Single Warehouse. All the stores in a single warehouse will display zero quantities. If you
increase the threshold value, then you will be able to display more quantities in your store.

It is better to use the Multi Warehouse module for managing multi warehouses. By using this module, you will be able to display the stock in multiple formats such as numbers, percentage and string format. You can use custom stock update message for increasing or decreasing stock count. The main advantage with the use of these
extensions is that you can easily display the inventory information on every page of your website. If you want to change the stock information from time to time, then you can change the values one by one.

In addition to the stock option, there is another Magento 2 feature which helps you manage the products. You can create multiple product groups from the drop down menu of the product group manager. Then you can change the percentage of shares to be sold by clicking on ‘Shares to be sold’. If the percentage of profit margin remains
unchanged, then you can simply delete the empty group. This is another great option, which allows you to manage your inventory.

You can also set up the preferences for all product groups. As an example, you can set up the preferences for all product groups which are displayed in the product detail section. You can also change the out-of-stock threshold for all product groups. This will allow you to display the items in the out-of-stock list and give more priority to
higher priority items such as the newest arrivals. The best way to enhance Magento 2 inventory management is through the use of these extensions.