Amazon offers a wide variety of e-commerce solutions for small and mid-size businesses. With these solutions you can easily integrate all aspects of your business
including product sourcing, inventory control, and complete online shopping features right from the WordPress back end. By combining Magento with Amazon, you will save a lot of time and money as well as ensure that all aspects of your business will benefit
from the seamless integration. Here are some of the key features of Amazon e-commerce solution:

For any type of e-business, time is of the essence and Amazon works perfectly in this direction to give you quick updates of customer orders, new inventory information and detailed information about available stock levels. Amazon will set and install the Amazon integration in your Magento 2 site and populate the Amazon modules just as you would migrate other products between Magento and Amazon for easy display and
quick shipping. For any type of e-commerce business this is a killer feature. Below are some of its benefits:

Amazon provides one-click purchase option – This is a Magento 2 feature that saves the store owner lots of time when he has to manage the orders. This is a very important feature as there are so many tasks to perform in a day for a Magento store owner and a major advantage of the Amazon module is that it helps the user to do his
task more easily. Also, with this feature the Magento store owner does not have to login to any other external e-commerce interface to buy the product. Also, if you use the Amazon sync module it will help to build collaborative effort among different users of the platform. In this way, every user on the platform can post
updates to blogs, create polls and many more things that contribute to the success of the development cycle of any Magento 2 Ecommerce application. The major advantage of this module is that it also provides for faster search optimization. In a way, this process of optimization ensures that content of your website is featured well within the organic results of the organic search results of the major search engines like Google and yahoo. With such a great help from the Amazon module the Magento admin gets a lot of additional power to handle the tasks related to customer support, administration, payments and so on. On top of that the admin gets a good scope of regular updates from Amazon to help him out in his task.

Merchants who want to increase their sales in the shortest possible duration should use the Amazon feature of synchronization for Magento 2 Ecommerce merchants. It provides the possibility of doing so by the use of an externally developed extension called the Magento Synchronizer. In this way, any changes that you make in the
system of your Magento store will be reflected on the external platform without affecting the internal processes in the extension. Amazon Web Services has provided developers with a way to integrate the extension with Magento thus getting an increased functionality from the extension.

There are a number of ways by which you can integrate Amazon’s amazon payment module with Magento 2 Ecommerce: The Amazon Web Services Provider’s official Documentation can guide you through all the steps that are needed to integrate this extension with your Magento store. The documentation not only provides you with step by step instructions but also assists you in configuring the extension for your store accordingly. This will ensure that all the product information like description, price, shipping charges and ratings are properly synched with the payment module of Magento. However, if you are looking to get a better compatibility between your
extension and the amazon payment module of Magento then it is suggested that you take the help of the third party modules such as the Extang Amazon payment plugin.

Apart from Amazon Web Services integration, there are other prominent Ecommerce solutions that are used in Magento hosting environment such as the FBA system. FBA is a set of rules that are used to transform information from an input like customer database into a structured format. The process includes pre-filled product fields, multiple option forms and other steps that are required to convert a customer database record into a standard structured document. Amazon Web Services can be integrated with the Magento stores that make use of the FBA system such as the eConnect Magento Store or the MyFBA ecommerce gateway.

Another major feature of Magento that has made it the most preferred Magento platform for enterprise applications is its flexible pricing rules. You can use the flexible pricing rules to create different types of discounts, premiums, freebies, etc. based on the existing attributes in the database. For instance, if you have multiple currencies then you can add the currency conversion rates to your products for a more customized shopping experience on the amazon websites.