We live in the age of Automation and chatbots. The speed of technology change and innovation constantly pushes the boundaries of software development. Product and platform organizations can develop fully functional (and useful) apps in minutes using available cloud and integration tools. Gone are the days where organizations develop applications for 2 years or 3 years. They had already started embracing the concepts of automation, re-usability and zero cost maintenance.

Despite all the improvements and excitement, old problems remain. What happens to the code we develop? Who maintains it? How do we attract, grow, and maintain the right skills? How do we react to the fast pace of changes in technology?

Well, those questions will always be un-answered if organizations continue to pursue custom development model. Here are our top 3 reasons on why custom software development is dead.

Reason 1- Automation and Rapid Deployment

The transformation from a development to integration mentality moves companies up the maturity curve significantly. Organizations no longer spend majority of its time building solutions, finding bugs, and deciding which Software Development Methodology is better. Instead, they are concentrating on faster delivery of business value to customers using automation and rapid product development.

Reason 2 – Collection of tools

Service-orientation becomes a significant factor when companies adopt DevOps mindset. It becomes the central theme of everything that happens within the organizations. IT organizations have become a loosely coupled collection of vendor products, SaaS, services, mashups, and legacy applications. Service-oriented middleware and SOA governance have transformed the development ecosystem in every project, initiative, and program thus reducing the custom development activities considerably

Reason 3: Re-usability

IT organizations are keeping a tab on an important statement – “Reuse before buy, Reuse before build.” The IT organization should understand what decisions took priority over others. CxOs have already started asking questions like “Are there software assets we can reuse for this effort?”


 While software development will never completely disappear, most organizations need to shift towards the reality. Let’s face it, organizations are not in the business of software development — they are in business of delivering value to their end customers. Organizations need to concentrate on delivering business value, not building custom software!

Why Expedux?

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