Why digital marketing agencies should hire a development firm today?


Software development or platform customization is a sensitive area that few marketing agencies that can talk about openly today. Some believe that turning to IT subcontractors for help is akin to admitting defeat. Some may be afraid of having to share credit. However, the truth is that if digital marketing agencies or marketing platform organizations can find a valuable software development and support organization, the list of advantages far outweighs any kind difficulties. Learn top 4 reasons why a marketing agency should hire IT subcontractor today.


  1. No marketing agency can do it all alone

As an agency with a strong digital background, marketing organizations can come up daily with great software ideas that will let your wildest marketing ideas flourish. It may be an eCommerce platform with a plethora of customizations or a web app that will carry the weight of massive marketing campaign. Marketing organizations can’t handle all the technology themselves. That would call for a large and costly team with individuals of various skills – front-end web development, graphic web design, back-end languages and IoT/ Automation integrations.


  1. Pay as you go Model

As an agency specialized in digital marketing services, their need of skilled developers may vary greatly over time. Sometimes they need a lot, at other times they may not need them at all. But if they hire developers in-house, agencies must pay them always. With software houses that use the time and material method, marketing agencies can pay for the actual work and get enormous flexibility in changing the intensity of software development work.


  1. Focus on the core

Marketing agencies can focus on core marketing competence, maintain smaller team, more specialized, much easier to manage and less costly. Increased difficulty of project management is arguably the most common disadvantage associated with marketing agencies having in-house development team.


  1. Save time & cost

Agencies can avoid having to spend so much searching for skilled front-end web developers or Angular.JS developers themselves. They don’t have to pay extra for overtime or worry about consequences of terminating agreements with individual employees and much more.


Why Expedux?

Expedux Technologies is a technology solutions and framework driven software development firm serving as a trusted technology partner for our customers. We work with some of the world’s best digital marketing services and platform organizations by helping them achieve one goal – Faster Time to Market.  Expedux’s innovative 60 DAYS RAPID DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK helps digital marketing agencies across all stages of software development lifecycle right from new app and platform conceptualization, development and testing and enable them to go to market faster and better.