Tech Start-ups

Technology start-ups are under constant pressure to rapidly develop a solution and demonstrate it so that the customers are convinced that it fixes a real problem. In the US alone, 476,000 new businesses are established each month, accounting for nearly 20 percent of job creation. Sixty percent of start-ups don’t survive the first five years, and 75 percent of venture capital funded start-ups fail.

Entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas & Innovations, and Expedux has the right expertise – from Business Analysis to User Experience Design to, custom software development, quality assurance and deployment to help transform vision into a successful market offering. Our DNA is Entrepreneurship and we love working with start-ups. Expedux’s rigorous software development and quality assurance processes combined with flexible Agile / DevOps Methodologies make it possible for a never-before-developed product to take shape and adjust to true market needs in real time.

Our Services
Software Architecture Assessment & Consulting
Mobile App Development
Prototyping and design
SAAS and Cloud Solutions Development
UI and UX services
Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Before competitors grasp the opportunity, make the decision now to embrace technology in every aspect of your business and transform into a whole digital organisation

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