For E-commerce Organizations

Expedux believes the future of E-Retailing belongs to those who innovate constantly and extend their services to empower customers with a robust shopping experience. Our technology services helps E-Retailers to provide personalized experience to their end customers and increase customer footfalls across all touch points.

E-commerce Consulting
E-commerce to ERP Integration
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Roadmap to Omni channel championship – Expedux’s 4 Pillar strategy
The rapid adoption of digital trends and evolving shopping behaviours are transforming e-commerce into an essential element of omnichannel success. To win over digital shoppers and enhance collaborative relationships, pure-play online retailers need to build strong digital capabilities to drive engagement and conversion across the entire path to purchase. Expedux helps E-retailers in implementing a structured back end operations, successful vendor management programs and right digital transformation strategies to achieve successful omni channel implementation.

Back end operations Management

For e-tailers, web is the store, the sales channel, and the interface with customers. But the digital transformation is not limited to only customer facing interfaces. Back end operations like shipping, inventory management, order management and merchandising should be implemented seamlessly to improve efficiencies and provide better service.

E-Commerce & M-commerce Management

E-commerce retailers need to find new solutions at every stage, from demand forecasting, through to inventory management, warehousing, technology integration and distribution. They should plan ahead when it comes to existing E-commerce and M-commerce platforms.

Customer Engagement

Top e-tailers measure the influence of all touchpoints on a customer’s journey to purchase—online, mobile devices, search, and social media and email communications and understand a holistic view of how a valuable customer makes a purchase


Internet retailing is all about identifying innovative ways to attract new customers and keep them happy. These are serving a real purpose — be it enabling customers to see how popular clothes are on Facebook for social validation, or gamifying shopping by enabling customers to pay with points earned — creates a unique shopping experience, engaging the customer in a way they are not likely to forget.