Open source platforms provide interesting opportunities for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) a.k.a product firms and e-commerce organizations. ISVs can use proven OSS platform software as a basis to develop & enhance their own applications. By using reusable components and pre-built modules of open source technologies, the cost for the final customer will be much lower than using commercial software.

Expedux understands that product firms can succeed by translating its domain expertise into an open source set of domain-specific products and platforms by innovating faster and bringing new ideas to market sooner than their larger competitors. We believe that an open source platform strategy is the best way for ISVs to attach to these markets. Expedux has been working with 100+ products & product class applications by helping them achieve their revenue goals using open source technologies.


Continued consolidation in the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) ecosystem along with rapid technological advances and shrinking product lifecycles are changing the way software products are being developed


Expedux believes the future of E-Retailing belongs to those who innovate constantly and extend their services to empower customers with a robust shopping experience. Our technology services helps E-Retailers


Technology start-ups are under constant pressure to rapidly develop a solution and demonstrate it so that the customers are convinced that it fixes a real problem. In the US alone, 476,000 new businesses are established