Implement Selenium Test Automation within 15 Minutes

Selenium Accelerator

Selenium Accelerator is a great framework, and it can provide a different perspective to the test automation strategies.  With our accelerator, Manual testers & QA organizations can perform test automation in 15 minutes without Selenium tool knowledge as our product is exclusively built to support Selenium and Open Source community.  With Selenium as a foundation of our product, Selenium Accelerator has the fundamentals of script less execution engine. If you want to implement Selenium Test Automation strategies with manual testers, then Selenium Accelerator is the best-suited framework in the market.

Highlights of our Test Automation Framework

Seamless Integration

Selenium Accelerator integrates seamlessly with various defect tracking tools such as JIRA and CI tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo to help you add bugs to your monitoring system seamlessly with detailed test execution reports in text, screenshots, and video recording.

Accurate Test Results

Precise and comprehensive test results with screen shots and recorded video pinpointing the defects for effective communication with the dev team, increasing productivity and faster go-to-market cycles.

Selenium Based Framework

Selenium has been growing fast and is proving to be cost effective. Though there are other options available in open source frameworks, Selenium is by far the most popular and established one in the market.

How Selenium Accelerator Works?

Designed on PHP, Selenium Accelerator allows you to automate test scripts quickly for Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. It has an Intuitive Web interface GUI to select all or specific set of test cases for automation.  Test assets will be stored in the Cloud and accessible on-demand by your entire team everywhere. Once it is fully set-up, organizations can achieve near zero efforts towards the maintenance of test scripts. The Test Automation Framework’s flexibility allows manual QA members to create test jobs visually, re-run them repeatedly, compare test results with historical test results data, and reuse across projects.

Benefits of our Test Automation Platform

Implement Selenium Test Automation within 15 minutes

Improve performance of applications by testing them on multiple platforms with accurate test results

Less than 3% defect leakage guaranteed within 2 months

Assured 40% cost savings in QA investment within 2 months

Manual QA can perform Test Automation without tool/ programming knowledge

Identify defects sooner in your testing cycle