Release the next version of your software within 60 days

Release Expeditor Framework

Expedux helps technology organizations accelerate the pace of software development to deployment by combining DevOps, Microservices architecture, 100% test automation and embracing Agile as the development methodology.  Our home-grown Release Expeditor Framework enables you to accelerate your existing software development & release strategies.  Release expeditor is an easy plug and play framework designed for all open source technologies and organizations to develop and release their next version of powerful application within 60 days.

Highlights of our Release Expeditor Framework

Faster Development & Deployment

Develop application development faster than traditional software delivery and increase communications between various teams.

Open Source Driven

Open source driven frameworks and technologies and re-usable components based on microservices, APIs, reusable components and containerization

Modern & Robust

Accelerate the pace of software development to deployment by combining DevOps, Microservices architecture and 100% test automation

How Release Expeditor Works?

Release Expeditor typically involves the following basic steps that complete the process:

Tools & Technologies

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Benefits of our Rapid Development Framework

50% faster application development than traditional software delivery

Faster development and newer software release within 60 days

Improve communication between Development, QA and Operations

Re-usability of components from ‘Expedux’ framework and reduced efforts of manual coding

70% lesser coding required compared to traditional software development

Adaptable and flexible to all the latest development methodologies such as DevOps, Test Automation and Microservices Architecture