Release Expeditor Framework

Expedux helps technology organizations accelerate the pace of software development to deployment by combining DevOps, Microservices architecture, 100% test automation and embracing Agile as the development methodology. Our home-grown Release Expeditor Framework enables you to accelerate your existing software development & release strategies. Release expeditor is an easy plug and play framework designed for all open source technologies and organizations to develop and release their next version of powerful application within 60 days.

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Selenium Accelerator

Selenium Accelerator is a great framework, and it can provide a different perspective to the test automation strategies. With our accelerator, Manual testers & QA organizations can perform test automation in 15 minutes without Selenium tool knowledge as our product is exclusively built to support Selenium and Open Source community. With Selenium as a foundation of our product, Selenium Accelerator has the fundamentals of script less execution engine. If you want to implement Selenium Test Automation strategies with manual testers, then Selenium Accelerator is the best-suited framework in the market.

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