Release Expeditor Framework

Expedux helps technology organizations accelerate the pace of software development to deployment by combining DevOps, Microservices architecture, 100% test automation and embracing Agile as the development methodology. Our home-grown Release Expeditor Framework enables you to accelerate your existing software development & release strategies. Release expeditor is an easy plug and play framework designed for all open source technologies and organizations to develop and release their next version of powerful application within 60 days. 

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Rapid Development Framework

Expedux’s Rapid Development Framework is focused on speed and agility with strategies such as prototyping, iterative development and time boxing. We have developed and deployed 100+ software products and platforms using this framework within 60 days. Whether you are a start-up developing a new software or you have an established software system that is planned for next version, Expedux will ideate, design, develop, test and deploy the app within 60 days. Our robust framework can help you achieve faster time to market, grab the market share and realize the revenue before your competitor does.t

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