Seven Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Test Automation Team

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In the current fast-growing business world, test automation has turned out to be an important activity in software testing. It can speed up the process and cut down on the investment in testing. Test automation can enhance the development process of any software product. Here are the seven fundamentals required for a successful test automation team:

Fundamental 1: Hire Engineers Who Are Committed to Automation

Have a team that is devoted to test automation. Don’t let manual testers engage in your team. If a manual tester wants to upgrade to automation testing, you can take him, provided, he frees himself from manual testing because test automation is a full time job and there has to committed resources.

Fundamental 2: Select the Right Automation Tool

The tool is right if the resources can recognize it and the application is also developed using the same tool. You must get a hang of the tool with minimal efforts because language learning is a time-consuming phenomenon. Also, bugs are seen often in automation tools, which get stuck oftentimes abruptly. A skilled automation test engineer can come up with workarounds that help resume the process.

Fundamental 3: Know the Product Being Tested

Testers must have an in-depth understanding of the application they are testing. If it is a web-based application, the testers have to be acquainted with the browsers that the application supports while in case of desktop application, know the languages it is dependent on and the third-party controls embedded in it. This knowledge will aid in selecting the tool, make future automation, easier and hone the test-case writing skills.

Fundamental 4: Effective Test Cases Equals Effective Automation

Test cases are easy to automate, but it’s hard to recognize faults in them. Fault recognition becomes easy with well-scripted test cases. An automation having no good test design will only involve too many activities, but will not carry good value.

Fundamental 5: Begin with Unit Test

Unit testing is the first of the three levels of testing, the other two being Integration testing and System testing. It’s the most important level in the SDLC. Once a unit code is written, it’s tested w. r. t different scenarios. As the product is developed, it is economical to identify and remove the bugs in the early stages. Mostly, the developer does unit testing.

Fundamental 6: Essential fields to be included in a test case

A test case should be easy to understand and the steps should be performed quickly. It should not be dependent on another test case. Test cases can be written in an excel sheet. You can continue with it or use any of the test case management tools (Open source or free) such as Quality center, Test director, and Testlink. These tools have the import feature that helps import the test cases written in excel sheet. A test case has fields such as Module to be tested, assumptions, test data, test steps, expected result, end result, and comments.

Fundamental 7: Automation Means Software Development

When you develop software, you need to adopt some best practices. The codes are to be assessed to write quality code. A concrete design pattern has to be followed with constant maintenance. All the fundamentals that are followed in software development are to be repeated in automation as well.


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