React is a popular open-source JavaScript library that performs UI development with the help of HTML. It is also known as ReactJS and React.js. It is developed by in Facebook and people normally call this as “Facebook React.js.” ReactJS is maintained by Instagram and Facebook community developers.

React is a new technology when compared with other technologies such as Angular in the market. It came into existence in 2011, when Jordan Walke at Facebook created the library. The first use case of React was in Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011. Later on, it is used by Instagram to use it in their system. React grew exponentially, and Facebook decided to make it open source in May 2013 at JSConf US.

Angular vs ReactJS: Comparison Report

Angular and React are the popular frameworks in the industry and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our comparative study covers various aspects of Angular and React to see how they can fit to different needs. This blog aims to provide straightforward reasons for you to judge front-end JavaScript frameworks in general.


ReactJS Development Services

Expedux is an open source development organization with the strong focus towards ReactJS development. We offer highly-flexible and dynamic ReactJS solutions to our customers across UK, Europe and APAC. We have experienced ReactJS developers who deliver high quality interactive and intuitive user interfaces.

You can hire ReactJS developers from us and Expedux has the right knowledge and understanding by combining the ReactJS framework with others such as the backbone.js and the angular. Our experts develop applications renders easier creation of interactive UIs and component-based developments.

UI/UX Development

Design creative mobile and web application UI/UX with React.js and deliver the unique needs of our customers.

ReactJS development and Integration

Develop business-oriented and feature-rich web apps and mobile apps for all the platforms.

React.Js Migration

Migrate from a complex user interface to a highly engaging intuitive UI development using React

React Support and Maintenance

Provide continuous ReactJS support and maintenance services for every industries that are using ReactJS

Pay Per Hour Model

Expedux is unique by providing the rate card to our customers so that they don’t need to worry about the cost. Dollar defines majority of the things and we want to be customer centric as much as possible. Expedux starts with any project by offering 2 weeks Free Pilot Project where we will absorb the cost for our customers. After that, Expedux will be providing 50% subsidised model for the next 2 months (i.e 6 USD per Hour) of engagement. This helps our customers to understand our engagement better and sign-up for a long term commitment once they are convinced with our style of working. They can terminate the contract during the pilot project phase or the initial 2 months evaluation phase. We offer this flexibility so that our customers are not bound by 20 pager contract.


Highlights of this model

Offer industry’s lowest yet best of the Development Services for 6 USD per hour

Dedicated Developers who are passionate about open source

No hidden charges and no hidden clauses

Our Success Stories

Developed an all important Podcast Application using react.js for a turnkey enterprise level solutions provider

High level requirements

In this case study, we would like to explain to you on how have we implemented Podcast application with React for one of North America’s leading enterprise apps provider. The app has been developed over 6 months and we are 3 react developers on the team.

Our work

Expedux took many hours to create a robust and maintainable Podcast solution. On the backend, we have used node and express. On the frontend, we have implemented React and Redux. Also, We use webpack to build and we run the app on AWS. Next.js is a framework for server-side rendered React applications. We have evaluated but it we have decided not to use it.


We have developed the following features:

  • Subscribe the loved podcast separately which is available on android and iOS
  • It has supported offline to download inside the application
  • We can set automatic download episodes with newly launched episodes based on the subscription.
  • We have added list of categories in this podcast, like Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Kids & Family, Music, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture, TV & Film.

Our Customer

  • Add favorite episodes into playlist include episodes into queue and play episodes through that sequence.
  • Push notification to indicate when new episodes arrived.
  • Download episodes only on Wi-Fi, volume booster, sleeper timer, speed, skip and forward positions, no. of episodes and continuous playback,
  • Created native custom player (Java, Swift) to integrate into react native.

React JS Questions and Answers

ReactJS is easy to adopt for the classic JavaScript developers. The architecture is so simple to kick start the work with expected industry standards. React JS allows developers to create large web applications without heavy learning like Angular. It uses virtual DOM, the JavaScript object and it can improve apps performance because JS' DOM is faster than the regular one. The future looks pretty bright for ReactJS as its market share has been increasing steadily over a period of time

Angular is enterprise grade framework and good option for Enterprise apps. ReactJS is also doing the same job with the flexibility of classic JavaScript knowledge. If you need a simple framework for your project then ReactJS is the path.

In the current scenario, ReactJS crossed the boundary of VueJS. ReactJS is the second in the higly consumed JavaScript libraries in GitHub. React is more trendy and modern.

ReactNative is for mobile apps and ReactJS is for web apps. React Native platform can be used for developing native-rendered apps for iOS and Android through the same React component model.

React has component based Structure and it is based on the Virtual DOM Model. React offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

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