Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be compared with high end complex languages such as Java and Microsoft's .NET. It offers higher programmer productivity throughout the development life cycle, and is particularly well suited for large or complex projects with changing requirements.

Expedux's Python team has a good experience and knowledge in Python application development frameworks and technologies such as Django, Tornado and Zope. We have the expertise in developing Python applications from the scratch and migrating PHP and Coldfusion applications to Python.

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Python Case Studies

Developed a Cloud based Online Education Platform within 6  months using Python

Customer: US based market leader in Education products space Business RequirementDevelop a cloud based online education platform using Python. Develop a prototype within a month and enhance it to a full blown cloud based education app within 3 months Our ApproachExpedux approached this project by addressing two important points:Develop a robust and scalable architecture using micro services to get scalability and flexibilityAll the modules to be developed from scratch and implemented within 3 months. Technology Stack:Python, Django, Pinax, niginx front end, apache backend, MySql, GIT, REST API, Amazon AWS Engagement Highlights & benefits to customer:Developed and implemented the online education platform within 3 months with 3 people Python expertsImplemented DevOps methodology for the development team using Puppet

Testman - Test Automation Tool


QA automation application to easily Create and Manage test cases.This accelerator App built on Selenium platform provides UI wrapper to manage test cases effectively.Managing and Executing testcases done through the application itself reduces complexity and hence improves more productivity.

Intuitive UIUser experience is one of the key goal in this project which increase the usability of the application Save Cost thru Auto ScalingReduce the cloud cost by start/stop the node servers based on the test execution configuration. Easy ReportingAll reports can be viewed within the testboard along with the screenshots. So decisions can be made easily. Custom APIsDefault selenium APIs are available in the application and soon, we provide option for custom APIs to write test cases for complex scenarios

DRY basedTest case reusability is the thumb of rule which helps creating creative scenarios without any hassle. Deploy anywhereApplication can be deployed either in public/private cloud or any on-premise network Single Page ExperienceMajor QA tasks can be performed in the single page called TestBoard which enhance the user experience Parallel ExecutionSince working on Selenium Grid, Different configurations run in parallel which reduce the time.