Data can tell a great story about a business.

Metrics from email campaigns are a part of that story, along with information from sales and revenue, as well as customer feedback and support. Data may live within different platforms but it is analyzed for a common purpose – Revenue and Growth.


data place

Data in One Place

Data in one place is extremely valuable to the business. It can be stored and analyzed in one place with a tool like Metabase. It is powerful, simple to use, and can provide useful information for the following purposes.

  • Empower people with data-driven strategic directions.
  • Leverage centralized data repository as indispensable assets for competitive edge.

Expedux is fully aware of Business Intelligence related implementation challenges along with the cost implications involved for any organization.  So we believe that the open source lightweight BI solution such as Metabase can help retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence use cases.

Expedux Metabase Services

Metabase BI Consulting

Metabase BI Solution 360

Metabase BI Pilot Project Implementation

Metabase Support Services

Technology Stack

Basic Statistical Language
Data Science Library
Relational Database
Distributed System
Container environment
Version control
Web Framework

Our works

Built a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis for a large product manufacturer

For large set of data, the complexity of the unstructured data, components, parts and machine data requires big data integration. Our customer –a large product manufacturer wants to build a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis. Our full stack data science team implemented interactive data processing and analytics functions & allowed for new Methods and Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

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End-to-end data strategy for a large bank

The process of billions of the records in banking sector by using Ab initio is very difficult and to process the data it will take lot of time. Expedux built a cost effective solution and improved the data drive decision making by 30%

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Full Stack Data Science Solutions For Retail Major

Our customer has different data sources from competitors, customers, infrastructure, supply chain and operations. They wanted to get the valuable information from these sources to do better analytics which helps to take strategic decisions and save millions of dollars for their business operations. Expedux implemented full stack data solutions that facilitate the retail client with

  • Customer Behavior Analytics
  • Competition Analytics
  • Operational Analytics and Supply Chain Analysis
  • Personalizing the In-Store
  • 360 degrees Overview
  • Customer Journey Analytics

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