AngularJS  or Angular is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. It is the most popular and powerful front end framework with Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, which is best suited to create dynamic web applications with rich content. This framework makes development easy, simple, and faultless, while also improving code quality in a big way.

Expedux offers a wide range of AngularJS services for developing a variety of angular web applications as well as mobile applications with innovative design and features. Expedux has extensive expertise in building cutting-edge and feature-packed applications with the AngularJS framework.

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AngularJS Case Studies

Developed an Online Education Platform within 6 months using PHP Symfony and Angular JS

Customer:A market leader in Education industry transforming Parenting and Education for Kids by effectively using social network concepts. Business Requirement:Develop a community to encourage social engagement model between students and parents using PHP Symfony FrameworkConnect all the 3 key stakeholders of the portal – students, parents and community organisers Our Approach:Developed and implemented the online education community within 6 months using 2-people team full stack development expertsImplemented Continuous Integration methodology for the development team using JIIRA and Bitbucket

Developed and deployed an e-commerce system within 60 days for AllianceUK

Our CustomerOur customer started their brick and mortar stores 5 years ago. They realized the potential of e-commerce and wanted to create a B2B shopping website within a short span of time to increase their revenue. Due to the complex work flow nature of housekeeping ecosystem, they preferred the development partner with prior domain knowledge Online portal should be robust and scalable All distributor and customer control should be maintained from their centralized system Prior experience in working with aggressive deadlines (go live in 2 months). Why ExpeduxExpedux had prior domain experience especially in developing multiple household ecommerce platforms, our customer chose to go with our full stack development team and offered the development of their ecommerce platform. Dedicated 2 People – Full stack development Team

  • Validated all the possible technologies and frameworks and decided to go with PHP and AngularJS as a core technology and Magento as the best suited framework Developed mock-ups and UX prototypes and signed-off
  • Development & Deployment Reused components as much as possible from Expedux’s Retail Factory which reduced cost and time of effort by 45%.
  • Developed custom scripts on top of Magento for seamless back-end integration
  • End-to-end regression testing using our Selenium Accelerator Integrated their eCommerce platform with eBay Marketplaces
  • Enabled scalability and security from the technology stand point so that the customer could manage inventory as demand increased and maintained control over the product page