Rapid Development Framework

Software Design to Deployment in 60 days using Expedux Rapid Development Framework

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Rapid Development Framework

Expedux’s Rapid Development Framework is focused on speed and agility with strategies such as prototyping, iterative development and time boxing.  We have developed and deployed 100+ software products and platforms using this framework within 60 days.  Whether you are a start-up developing a new software or you have an established software system that is planned for next version, Expedux will ideate, design, develop, test and deploy the app within 60 days.  Our robust framework can help you achieve faster time to market, grab the market share and realize the revenue before your competitor does.


Highlights of our Rapid Development Framework


Faster Development & Deployment

Develop application development faster than traditional software delivery and deploy your applications anywhere – public cloud, private cloud or on-premises infrastructure

Open Source Driven

Open source driven frameworks and technologies and composable architecture based on microservices, APIs, reusable components and containerization

Value Driven Approach

High productivity gain coupled with zero pricing for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

How Rapid Development Works?

Rapid application development typically involves the following basic steps that complete the process:

Tools & Technologies

Benefits of our Rapid Development Framework

50% faster application development than traditional software delivery

Minimum viable product in 60 days

Re-usability of components from ‘Expedux’ framework and reduced efforts of manual coding

70% lesser coding required compared to traditional software development

Due to prototyping in nature, there is a possibility of lesser defects

Adaptable and flexible to changes

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