The manufacturing business faces huge transformations nowadays. Due to rapid development of Automation, AI and Internet of Things, the amount of data to be stored and processed is growing every day. Therefore, today’s manufacturing companies need to find new solutions and use cases for this data. Of course, data brings its benefits to manufacturing companies as it allows automating large-scale processes and speeding up execution time.

Expedux is aware of the fact that lean manufacturing isn’t that optional anymore. We ensure that the manufacturers will not be wasteful in their processes by implementing a structured and robust data analytics and implementation solutions and services.  Along with forecasting possible risks, demand and the requirements of the market, Expedux’s data analytics services can help manufacturers to keep up with high-quality standards and quality metrics.

Full Stack Manufacturing Data Science Services

  • Big data and cloud systems

  • Business analytics and dashboards

  • Smart factories

  • Demand forecasting and inventory management

  • Fault prediction and preventive maintenance

Data Science Services

Our works

Built a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis for a large product manufacturer

For large set of data, the complexity of the unstructured data, components, parts and machine data requires big data integration. Our customer –a large product manufacturer wants to build a Hadoop Data Lake to integrate data for faster analysis. Our full stack data science team implemented interactive data processing and analytics functions & allowed for new Methods and Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

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