PHP Vendor Management

PHP Vendor ManagementB2B Vendor Relationship Framework

PHP Vendor Management is a Vendor Relationship Management framework for Retail & Manufacturing focused ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to effectively manage their vendors/suppliers. It can be easily integrated with SAP, Oracle and other well-known ERPs. Our framework also addresses the following important challenges in their Vendor Relationship Management workflow.

  1. Discrepancies specific to managing multiple vendors for one order
  2. Substantial amount of time spent by operational people while in-warding finished & semi-finished goods with entry of data in ERP pertaining to Order
  3. Tracking of materials, products and orders across Vendors/sub-contractors
  4. Queue up and waiting of supply from vendors for a long period
  5. Frustration of vendors in getting response for invoice receipt or payments
  6. Department heads unable to view performance of vendors over a period to make productive decisions

PHP Vendor Management enables Retail & Manufacturing focused organizations in optimizing relationships, maximizing efficiency and reducing chaos amongst Vendors. Our framework helps them not only to maximize or optimize but create newer opportunities and revenues.

Framework Architecture:


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