Product firms and e-commerce organizations face major risks if they fail to recognize this new platform-driven context and the different economic rules that govern it. Expedux has adopted a software mind set, aiming to develop reusable components and frameworks for PHP and Python focussed product firms. Expedux helps Independent Software Vendors with our own R&D initiatives on frameworks and reduces theirtime to market in their software development process by 50%.

PHP Retail

Expedux’s e-commerce vision is to transform the retail value chain and enable retailers to provide a unified and seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Python Omnicommerce

Omni-Channel enablement is about much more than merely providing the same price or products across channels. Omni-Channel enablement is all about providing a seamless.

PHP Apparel

Expedux’s Apparel Sourcing on Cloud is a cloud based Global B2B Sourcing Management Platform / Sourcing Support Tool developed exclusively for Apparel & Garments focused.

PHP Vendor Management

SAP and Oracle have the Robust Supplier Relationship Portal but Enterprises need to manage the cost of license fees for every single vendor.