Creative Agencies cannot estimate Software Development Costs Accurately

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If digital is truly at the heart of modern marketing, then the software is the bedrock of every digital project. That being the case, there’s a strong argument to suggest that many creative agencies need to wake up to the fact that they are now a software house in disguise and adjust their internal processes accordingly to service their clients better.

Creative Design - Software DevelopmentCreative Design Vs. Software Development

Delivering software is a very different process than creative concepts development. Many agencies have been established for many decades and, as such, have years of experience of delivering their creative-led services to their customers and managing their client relationships successfully.

By comparison, the software industry itself is still relatively young and many of the methodologies and process that have built up around delivering software to a brief, e.g., agile development, are even younger. There are a variety of approaches to building software to a brief, and all of them are valid depending on the project and the situation.

codingCoders should do more than coding:

One of the main complaints that agencies have traditionally had about employing software developers in-house is that they are only good for coding. However, a recent study of thousands of projects within the software industry revealed that, in fact, a maximum of 30 percent of a typical software developer’s time is dedicated to coding, with the remaining effort expending on tasks such as requirements, prototyping, documentation, unit testing and technical management.

The lesson for creative agencies is clear: if you want to provide your clients with clearer, more accurate estimates about digital projects, let your techies out of the box marked ‘coders’ and involve them more closely in the process assessing the requirements of software projects and managing client expectations.


As the software development trends move towards rapid development concept, creative agencies need to learn quickly on software development trends. They must understand that the cost evaluation for creative design is a different ball game compared to the software development estimation. Marketing agencies should hire in-house experts or engage with the external development firms to estimate the development costs accurately