Our solution

  • Every great design starts with the thinking of how the website was thought out to be friendly to both buyers and sellers.

  • Developed design concepts around easy navigation, categorization and pleasant to browse.

  • Surveyed numerous e-commerce websites, especially those from Australia to understand user behaviour.

  • Validated all the possible open source technologies and ecommerce frameworks and decided to go with PHP as a core technology and Magento as the best suited framework

  • Customized Magento platform with the expected changes along with synchronization scripts.

  • Integrated Magento ecommerce platform with eBay Marketplaces Transformation


online shopping
Our Customer

An online shopping e-market website to buy clothes, shoes, dresses and other such accessories and apparels from eminent brands. The client had seen our work and held high expectations right from the start.


  • The newly designed e-commerce portal boasted of personalized content and a seamless User Experience.

  • Higher User Engagement: 40% increase in customer visits within 3 months

  • Improved User Satisfaction as we eliminated navigation flaws



Our customer was facing challenges like poor user experience, moderate design and difficulty in navigating the website. The additional ask was to add immense collection of categories, subcategories, products of various brands that would fit in the new scheme of things. We had to make sure the website didn’t look clutter and finding information was as easy as it gets.