Our Vision

Technology companies are driven by “time-to-market” (TTM) and “time-to-profit” (TTP). First-to-market always provides a competitive advantage and “time-to-profit” (TTP) measures the time to achieve the forecasted profits of a new product. The operative word in software development is “speed.” Application development teams are looking to adopt any technique that’ll expedite software development and testing processes.  Traditional outsourcing players and software development firms sell people and technology skills without knowing one of the important customer challenges – FASTER TIME TO MARKET.

Expedux’s vision is to help software development organizations achieve one simple thing – Develop your software product/ platform within 60 days, test it within 15 minutes and achieve the forecasted profits 2x faster.  Our solution accelerators give you both speed and customization without compromising quality. Since these frameworks have been built using open source technologies and tested in live environments, they are often better and more reliable than components built from scratch.

Rapid Development Framework:

Develop and deploy new software product within 60 days  using strategies such as prototyping, iterative development and time boxing.

Selenium Accelerator Framework:

Manual testers & QA organizations can implement automation within 15 minutes without Selenium or any other automation tool knowledge.

Release Expeditor Framework:

Accelerate existing software development & release next version of powerful applications within 60 days by combining DevOps , Microservices architecture and 100% test automation strategies.