Management Team

Muthiah P L

Managing Director

Muthiah is a seasoned IT professional with 15+ years of experience in Software Development & Testing space especially in test automation across various tools and platforms.  He worked with Infosys, a Fortune 500 organization, in his earlier days in their “ITAA”, a framework that automates the manual testing process without any tool intervention.  Muthiah developed the idea into reality with “Selenium Accelerator” which can help manual testers to automate Selenium focused testing without tool/ programming knowledge. As a CEO of Expedux, Muthiah helps product and platform centric organizations to achieve faster time to market by implementing Rapid Software Development and Testing strategies.

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Baranee Rajendiren

Director – Strategy & Client Relationship

Baranee heads Expedux’s Sales Strategies and Client Relationship and he has 12+ years of experience in building corporate strategy with specific focus in Client Relationships and acquisitions in the IT services space. Baranee has played a pivotal role in architecting a formal sales process and in establishing Expedux’s brand across geographies. He strongly believes in “Value driven sales strategies”, Through his strong customer focus he has helped Expedux win number of long term relationships.

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Suresh Gnanaprakasam

Director – Product Development

Suresh is a Technology Expert with 10+ years of experience in open source technologies such as PHP, JAVA and Python.  He has developed close to 300 products so far using various open source technologies. Suresh is a certified scrum master and he has expertise in development methodologies and tools such as Agile, Scrum Tools, DevOps and Mantis. He has worked with US, UK and Europe customers and he understands the open source landscape well.

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Saravanan M

Director – UI/UX Engineering

The person who will oversee everything ‘design’ and at times dabble in it if need arises. Saravanan’s choice of clothing gives away a lot about the man himself – his love for quirky colours and penchant for the flamboyant reflects in the designs he handles. Simplifying the most complex of jobs is his forte. And when he is not in front of the computer, he is behind a camera capturing vivid photos of things around. He aspires to be a filmmaker but as for now, we are happy he is with us.

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