Test Automation

In this era of digital transformation, every organization wants to take early movers’ advantage in introducing new products. This has led to drastic reduction in the product development & testing life cycle. Test Automation is one of the most effective and popular solution for meeting aggressive deadlines and delivering a product of quality.   Selenium WebDriver is a popular and well known test automation tool and framework for testing web & mobile applications on different platforms. There are many advantages with implementing test automation using Selenium WebDriver.


Expedux considers Test Automation as one of the important development strategy where strategies and test automation scripts should be designed and executed by test automation developers and not generic QA testers.   Selenium Test Automation implementation can be effectively achieved by a marked reduction in the QA cycle time, without compromising on the test coverage and the ultimate quality of the product.


Scripts creation using Selenium IDE:

This step uses Selenium IDE for quick test case with Firefox and editing of the scripts and features. This step is often referred as record-playback mode. You can prepare HTML initial test scripts in a real environment with this tool.


Script enhancement:

We use Selenium WebDriver to enhance and debug test cases. You can include programmatic verifications based on end-user requirements and rational changes in the application.


Batch running and defect logging:

Expedux has developed a framework with Selenium tool that has capability to execute all automated test cases and can integrate with bug tracking system to identify and report bugs. In addition, it maintains the history of all the tracked bugs for future reference.


Script maintenance:

We use Selenium software testing tool to maintain scripts and changes to the existing test cases as and when required.


Our Success Story

Developed and Automated 500 test cases within 12 weeks using Selenium for a US based E-commerce Solutions Major


Customer Requirements

Our customer was looking for a Selenium Test Automation Vendor who has the necessary technical skills and process skills to ensure automation of their functional tests. They chose Expedux due to its strengths in Selenium and our focus & exclusivity towards open source technologies.

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Expedux started the engagement by performing a POC (Proof of Concept), where we analysed and understood the suitability of implementing Selenium across web and mobile platforms.

After the POC, we wrote manual test cases for the entire suite and started with automating manual test cases. We analysed about 3000 existing test cases and chose 500 of them for automation.

We developed and designed the test scripts for all the test cases and successfully implemented Test Automation within 12 weeks’ time.


  • Improved regression coverage by 30%
  • Implemented Test Automation using Selenium by using Continuous Integration and DevOps Strategies.
  • Implemented 90% automation coverage using selenium and reduced defect leakage to less than 2%
Test Automation