Need for Full Stack Development

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Chat bots, Digital Savvy organizations have realized that building multiple teams with front end design, development and testing  with expertise in only one language or tool wouldn’t be enough anymore.  A new generation of start-ups is emerging, pushing the limits of virtually all areas of software. From machine intelligence to predictive push computing to data analytics to wearable; it’s becoming virtually impossible for a siloed development and testing teams to plan for the future initiatives across the modern full stack.

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Our offering

A full stack web development team understands how to architect a great piece of software from the ground up, and the team can often do it cheaper and more efficiently than hiring multiple specialists’ team. Expedux understands that those software organizations are in the midst of a rapid shift to more complicated technologies that, as in days gone by, require experts at each tier. We have a well-versed full-stack team with a broad range of full stack development services including Python to MEAN Stack, Node.js, Angular.JS, ReactJS, Vue.js, jQuery and others.

Our Full Stack Development Model

Every business needs full stack development team who knows everything right from the backend to frontend. Expedux goes one step further. We will provide a full stack development model with front development, back end development, testing and cloud support for the single resource cost. You don’t need to pay for 4 resources rather your cost will be capped for 160 hours per month with 10 USD per hour for the first 2 months. The model will have any of the following combination.

Full Stack Development

New Development, Support & Maintenance

Free 3 week pilot project

Dedicated Project Manager

Front End Development 

Test Automation Support - Selenium

AWS Monitoring

Minimum commitment per month (hours)



Per hour

Python Django - Tickets Based




Tickets/ SLA Driven




Per hour

Python Django - Dedicated






per hour

Python Django - Dedicated

Angular or ReactJS

24x7 - Dedicated


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Technology Stack

Full Stack Development Frameworks

mean js

Front End Technology

react JS
angular js

Back End Technology

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Our works


Emfluence Digital Marketing is the midwest's leading provider of digital marketing tools and services. Our customer helped marketers navigate the possibilities for branding and lead generation, and matched email tool to those needs with social schedulers and analytics. Having extensive experience with Software Platforms and products and full stack development, Expedux team built a robust and scalable platform by using Angular, PHP, Django and NodeJS.


AllianceUK is a leading provider of housekeeping products in UK with over 5,000 quality catering disposables, cleaning supplies and equipment that ship from their warehouse based in london to cover all cleaning applications. Expedux developed and deployed an e-commerce system within 60 days using  a 2 people full stack development team with technologies such as Magento, LAMP, JQuery, Amazon AWS, Angular Google Feeds with Responsive UI

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