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Manual testing and test automation procedures are constantly going through changes with the evolution of development and testing methodologies, practices and tools.  With the recent tilt towards implementing Test Automation as a mandatory one, QA organizations always struggle to answer certain important questions:

  • How can I transform manual testers into programming oriented Automation testers?
  • How can I integrate existing manual testing team with the new automation testers?

Expedux’s idea is to retain the domain knowledge that manual testers have and enable manual testers to perform automation testing without tool knowledge.

Selenium Accelerator is a great framework and it can provide a different perspective to the test automation strategies by helping QA organizations to achieve their goals.  With our accelerator, Manual testers & QA organizations can perform automation testing without Selenium or any other automation tool knowledge.  With Selenium as a foundation of our product, Selenium Accelerator has the fundamentals of script-less execution engine. If you want to implement Selenium Test Automation strategies with manual testers, then Selenium Accelerator is the logical first step for you.


  • Supports web application testing, mobile testing (Android and IOS) and various other platforms
  • Supports compatibility testing for different browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, IE and Safari
  • Execution can be triggered automatically as per the schedule with object reusability factor
  • Integrates well with Jenkins and Bamboo tools and compatible with Continuous integration methodology


  • Manual testing team can automate the test scripts with the initial set-up created by Expedux
  • Quick reporting of defects without any tester intervention
  • 80% of the test cases can be automated using manual testers
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