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Organizations are looking to simplify and accelerate their release process: to get more features to their customers faster, at less cost, with less effort and greater reliability. Handling the communication between Development, QA and Operations introduces additional time lags, increases the risk of miscommunications and errors, and generally promotes ineffectiveness.  Given the number of manual tasks still required and lack of communications between various teams, organizations need to adopt practical ways to improve and simplify their process of releasing software ahead of their competitors.

Expedux helps technology organizations accelerate the pace of software development to deployment by combining DevOps, Microservices architecture, 100% test automation and embracing Agile as the development methodology.  We have built the Release Expeditor Framework to accelerate existing software development & release strategies.  It is an easy plug and play framework designed for all  open source technologies and organizations to  develop and release their next version of powerful application within 60 days.

Release Expeditor Framework 1

Before competitors grasp the opportunity, make the decision now to embrace technology in every aspect of your business and transform into a whole digital organisation

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  • Faster development and newer software release within 60 days
  • Re-usability of components from ‘Expedux’ framework and reduced efforts of manual coding
  • Adaptable and flexible to all the latest development methodologies such as DevOps, Test Automation and Microservices Architecture