E-Cube Engagement Model

Software Development & Testing preferably should always be a strategic partnership, not a simple one time engagement. When implemented correctly, strategic partnerships are a beneficial collaboration where expectations of Delivery and results are clear from the start. But a proper planning phase is important. It’s not only about thinking ahead but also about being on the same page with your strategic development and testing partner every day and benefiting from their expertise. Products and Platform centric Organizations need to have proper evaluation strategies and develop a proper engagement model that is transparent to both parties and provide a strong governance for all aspects of the relationship.


Expedux understands the value and convenience of allowing our customers to choose or combine engagement models for different phases of any project.  We always recommend to our prospective customers with our engagement model – PoC (EEE), where we will do 3 weeks FREE Proof of Concept to gain customers trust and satisfaction.


Evaluation - Pilot

Initial Phase

  • Environment setup
  • Knowledge Gathering
  • Bug fixes / Minor Enhancements
  • Development of sub-system / module

Project Execution

Project Execution

  • Development of a module
  • Major Enhancement
  • Augment support for maintaining current systems
  • Strengthen Knowledge
  • Core Team Formation with ability to

Dedicated Offshore Center 1`

Evaluation / Pilot

  • Create an offshore center of competence
  • Participate in R&D/Innovation Opportunities
  • Provide additional services such as Technical support & Testing
  • Build repositories, common tools & utilities, best practices etc

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